02 – Become An Emerald Coach {Part 1}

Chances are, you are pretty new and may be wondering if you are even ready to be adding people to your team since you JUST got started.

That’s a legit question … but here’s the fun part! Why wouldn’t you open your business as an Emerald Coach and let YOUR UPLINE COACH and this awesome team train all of you at the same time? You would all be off to the races! And how exciting is it to have a couple of friends or family members share this journey with you?!? DON’T keep this to yourself … share it! And don’t stop at Emerald. The goal is to get Emerald over and over again.


You may also be wondering why all the Emerald training? Because even if you’re coming into this training with Emerald in the bag, it’s critical that you become confident in also showing others how to do what you’ve done.


Remember, an Emerald story does not have to be glamorous … mine was far from it! And getting to Emerald is not hard or difficult, it’s a decision. Listen to this video (13 minutes) about WHY Emerald is important and HOW to get there.


Your next step is to make a BIG LIST of potential coaches, no less than 10 names from your WARMEST market, but preferably 30. The video explained that those names are going to come from two different types of people:

1.) People who are near and dear to you. These are people that you can call on the phone, explain the heart and passion behind what you’re doing and they will give you their ear. Then ask them if they would be willing to try Shakeology and a fitness program to help you create some of your first testimonials. These are people who don’t care HOW it comes out of your mouth, they love you anyways and want to support you no matter what. And I personally don’t know anyone who cannot benefit from Shakeology and a fitness program.

2.) People who you immediately think of when you think about who you’d like to be on your team and part of your tribe. Don’t limit yourself to fitness folks … think about people that might need this opportunity to earn some income, that are already successful in other ways or that spend a lot of time on social media.



Team Cycle Bonus Chart: This explains the income opportunity as your volume and rank advance. Remember, you cannot initiate this part of the compensation plan until you become an Emerald Coach.