“I joined my first challenge group under Jami’s coaching two and a half years ago. From the very beginning, Jami has been an excellent resource, an encouragement and a model of spiritual and physical health. She is organized, thorough, intentional, and honest in her coaching. It is evident that Jami desires to see people succeed in accomplishing their goals, whether that be through consistency with workouts, developing and sustaining a healthy diet, starting their own coaching business or through personal spiritual growth. I have personally been challenged and encouraged by Jami through the accountability offered in the challenge group.” – Lindsey Brown


“After having my baby, I was looking for some accountability. Jami came alongside me and provided me with the tools I needed to get started. Having a community of like-minded women was so motivating to keep going despite the many sleepless nights of caring for a newborn. I have been able to be intentional about my mornings to set the tone for the rest of the day, be consistent in my Bible study & workouts, and still lose weight while breastfeeding! I am thankful for her leadership!” – Laura Ashley Smith

“I am proud and blessed to have met Jami Lee!   She has opened my eyes and heart to so many new experiences and has made my life better in so many ways. I joined this summer after seeing a comment Jami Lee had made about an online challenge group starting where people come together to workout and support each other in that journey.  Not knowing anything else but wanting to start working out I asked about it.  Since then, I have committed to working out, began eating so much healthier, started a morning routine where I take time for myself (reading, focusing on my faith, etc), been reccommended many great new books to read, and joined a community of other like-minded people.  The best part is the online community where we show our accountability for working out.  Seeing others doing it, makes it that much easier to press play each day!  And through all this, Jami Lee is there also pressing play each morning, checking in, and always proving resources that help with faith, food,and family! Her weekly emails are another great resource!” – Amy Smith


What do current clients say is unique about our group? (Direct anonymous quotes below.)

  • I like that it’s different-not just about physical health, but spiritual as well.
  • It’s about our relationship with God as well. This group focuses on both being important.
  • I like the accountability , the encouragement. Also the fact that is not just about discipline in eating or exercise but getting into the word , focus on spiritual growth as well as a healthy body and healthy lifestyle.
  • The group is accountability and encouragement together, and I’m really thankful for the way it brings people together on different journeys for the common goal of overall health & wellness: spiritually, physically, and mentally.
  • You always have a base of people to ask questions.