03: Becoming an Emerald Coach {Part 2}

Watch this 7 minute video. 

So you’ve made your list, NOW WHAT? Now comes the part where your comfort zone has to HIT THE ROAD! It’s time to CALL those people who are NEAR AND DEAR to you and explain what you’re doing and why you’re excited about it.

Here are some helpful tips for friends and family …

Make sure you ask them if it’s a good time to chat so that you don’t get cut off.

Say something like,”Hey Aunt Tammy! I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but recently I’ve been trying really hard to make some better choices as it relates to my health and fitness and I’ve discovered this amazing community of women who are Beachbody Coaches and they support each other and lift each up on a daily basis. It’s made such a huge impact on me, that I decided to join them and see if I can inspire some other people in my life to go on this journey with me. So I became a Beachbody Coach and as nervous as I am to start my own health and fitness business, I’m really excited! I’m calling you because I wanted to tell you about it and see if you’d be willing to become a discount member with me and give this program that I love a try for 30 days. I think you’ll love it because ___ and it will help me to start creating my own set of testimonials. Are you open to that?”

If they say yes, then most of the time, the All Access Challenge Pack is the best option for you to suggest to them. You already know this person well, but you may still need to ask a few questions (fitness level, how is nutrition, likes/dislikes on types of workouts) before you know what program within All Access to recommend they start first. Explain that they will get a year of streaming via Beachbody On Demand, this includes all of the workout programs we’ve ever created plus any new ones that launch this year. That’s thousands of dollars worth of workouts. Their challenge pack will also come with the Portion Fix eating plan, a set of color coded portion control containers, a shaker cup and a 30 day supply of Shakeology to try. And they get you as their coach! They can cancel altogether at any time.

If they say yes again, send them directions as listed below with how to become a coach, OR better yet, get or stay on the phone with them and help them enroll:

Hi, Aunt Tammy! I’m so excited that you’ve decided to do this with me, thank you for trusting me with your fitness journey. I’m trying to reach a goal and the deadline is ____, can you complete this in the next hour or two? Directions for becoming a discount member:

2. Click Coach
3. Click Yes, Become A Coach
4. Fill in your personal information and make sure it says that I am your coach at the bottom of this page. If it doesn’t, you can use my Coach ID (XXXXX) to look me up. 5. Choose your XYZ Challenge Pack and Shakeology flavor in the dropdown menu
6. Add to cart and checkout

That’s it! Once that’s all complete, send me a message and let me know so that I can double check to make sure everything went through okay! Thank you, again!

If they say no, it’s OKAY!!!! Don’t let it get you down and definitely don’t take it personally. You will have friends and family members who are not ready to join you … 6 years later and I STILL have some of those! It is okay and even expected!

The You + 2 Rule
This is a fast and effective way to get to Emerald … it’s not the only way, but it puts the ball directly in your court. You can have 2 accounts besides your own that you carry on your card. The policy on this is that it must either be your spouse, parent or child who is of legal age. You must also email compliance@teambeachbody.com and notify them of your +2 accounts.

So literally, you could sign your spouse and your mom … your mom and your dad … your college aged son and your spouse … and get to Emerald in the next hour! That choice is yours.

Many times, new coaches find one person from their warmest market who want to become their first coach and then they sign up their spouse as their second coach. I recommend ordering packets of Shakeology when you sign up your spouse with a challenge pack so that you can use them to sell as sample packs to potential clients. You’ll make a commission on your spouse’s challenge pack and then you can easily make your money back by selling “try it packs” of Shakeology for $30 (4 bundles of 6 packets = $120) + you’ll have new Shakeology fans on your hands who may want to order a full supply from you!

Here’s an example …
The 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack is $160. You’ll make a $50 commission on that sign up + $120 if you bundle your Shakeology packets and sell them as sample packs, you come ahead with with $170 in your pocket, a new program that you kept, new people interested in Shakeology and your spouse is signed up as one of the first coaches in your business and you are officially on your way to Emerald. #boom

Before you sign up a coach, make sure to set preferred placement …
1. Go to teambeachbody.com and log in
2. Go to Coach > Coach Online Office
3. Once you are there, click on My Business > My Preferred Placement.
4. Have it set to either your LEFT or RIGHT, then click save.
5. Before your second coach signs up, go in and change it to the opposite leg of the first coach, but make sure it only says LEFT or RIGHT. Those are the ONLY two options you will ever use when setting placement.

Get on the phone with everyone on your list who falls into the “NEAR AND DEAR” category, this should lead to at least 5 conversations started today! You want as many of your friends and family to support you in this new journey and help you develop those first testimonials.