04 – Becoming An Emerald Coach AND BEYOND, Part 3

Watch this 20 minute video. 

Building your tribe is one of the most rewarding parts of being a coach. Instead of looking at Emerald as a recruiting activity, look at it as finding those first two followers who are part of your tribe. So, you’ve GOT THIS, right?!

Your next step is to take the REST of the list you created and invite those people who fall into the second category. Right now, these people are STILL in your warm market, people that you can call on the phone and it would not be awkward. They are also people that you KNOW would benefit from being a coach AND would do great at it! These are people that you WANT as part of your tribe. Again, don’t get stuck on just inviting people who love fitness. Often these are the first people we think about, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t limit your list to them. This is the list that will grow and grow over time.

So bust out your list again and let’s get going! You will get a quicker response if you hop on the phone, so that’s what I recommend. If you aren’t able to get on the phone, then you can use the example below to send an email or Facebook message, but realize your message may take time to be seen.

You can say something like:
You: Hey! I want to chat with you about something real quick, do you have a second?

Friend: Sure!

You (on the phone): Once you’ve had some small talk, say “Okay, so I’m not sure if you’ve heard me talk about this yet, but you probably know that recently I’ve been trying really hard to make some better choices as it relates to my health and fitness and I’ve discovered this amazing community of women who are Beachbody Coaches, have you heard of Beachbody?”

Friend: Yes, No, Sort of

You: Well, I was skeptical at first, but these women are just like me and you and I’ve fallen in love with them and the whole idea of a support system, crazy! (Share any successes you’ve had so far with your physical journey). It’s made such a huge impact on me, that I decided to join them and see if I can inspire some other people in my life to go on this journey with me. So I became a Beachbody Coach and as nervous as I am to do this and start my own health and fitness business, I’m really excited! I’m calling you because you’re my friend and you were one of the first people I thought of who I wanted to do this with me. I’m going to run with this and I want you by my side! I know you would be good at this because _______. And it would be so fun to do this together, make an impact and earn some income while we’re at it. Are you open to it? There’s totally no pressure at all, just trying to offer it up to my friends first!

Friend: Yes, Sort of (continue below) If the answer is No, it’s OKAY!!! Let them off the hook completely, it is no big thing!

You: Okay, great. The awesome part is that since I’m so new, my coach is going to be training me and my team for the first little bit, so it’s a great chance for us to learn from her and really do this together. The first thing we would need to do is find a program that’s a good fit for you and get you signed up. Your program is going to come with all of your workouts, an eating guide and 30 days of Shakeology. We’ll be in her challenge group for support and she’ll help us get things going on the fitness and business end of things. Most people start with 21 Day Fix or a new one called Hard Corps 22, have you heard of those?

Help your friend decide on a program, then send her the steps to get signed up, they are the same as mentioned before, but here they are again:
I’m so excited that you’ve decided to do this with me, we’re going to have so much fun! I’m trying to reach a goal and the deadline is ____, can you complete this in the next hour or two? Directions for getting signed up:

2. Click Coach
3. Click Yes, Become A Coach
4. Fill in your personal information and make sure it says that I am your coach at the bottom of this page. If it doesn’t, you can use my Coach ID (XXXXX) to look me up. 5. Choose your XYZ Challenge Pack and Shakeology flavor in the dropdown menu
6. Add to cart and checkout

That’s it! Once that’s all complete, send me a message and let me know so that I can double check to make sure everything went through okay! Let’s do this!

Be fearless! Take the rest of the names on your list and use the phone, email or Facebook messenger to start at least 5 new conversations. Check in with your upline when you’re done!