06 – Free Groups and Referrals

Watch this 38 minute video our Team did on Free Groups in June of 2017.

For a different perspective and team and for bonus material, also watch this 45 minute video here. 

How do I build my list? Will I run out of people to invite? These are two questions that are common among newer coaches. On your income building checklist, you’ll notice that growing your list by at least 3 new people each day is a vital part of building a successful business. So before you close up shop each day, make sure you’ve grown your list by at least 3 … these people are not people that you’ve talked to about Beachbody, in fact you may never talk to them about Beachbody. They are simply new friends, so make sure you connect with them and discover what’s going on in their world.

The truth of the matter is that nobody, not even your upline, will be able to grow your list for you. That’s on you, sister! It will be up to you to find ways to expand your network and form new relationships. One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing free groups and referrals.

Everything you need to know about running free groups, how to invite to them, along with the resources you need to to run them are HERE and explained in the video above. The benefits of free groups will only be felt when they are run with consistency though!



1. Plan your next free group. When will it start? Write that date down on your calendar.

2. When you will announce it on Facebook? Write that date down on your calendar, too. You only need about 5 days to invite to a free group.

3. Have fun! You can’t mess it up when your ultimate goal is to bless as many people as possible and give them a headstart on being healthy.