07 – Run Awesome Challenge Groups

Watch this 40 minute video.

So you have a new customer/challenger – congrats! It’s CRUCIAL that you really focus on helping them on their journey as much as possible. Here is the process that I follow for doing this, which is always a work in progress. You are totally welcome to copy my process exactly, or you can make it your own.

Once I see a customer’s order has gone through in my coach online office…

1.) I send them a welcome email. 
2.) I then add them to a nutritional prep and plan Facebook group.

3.) When they complete the prep group, I send them another email, congratulating them on completing the prep group assignments and sharing what’s next for getting started in the Challenge Group.
4.) I then go to mychallengetrackerportal.com and send them an invitation to the challenge group.
From that point onward, I am looking for their engagement in the group. I want them, as mentioned in the final email, to pick a start date (they should have already picked a program, with your help), and to introduce themselves to the group. I want them to log daily and engage the group as much as possible. If they aren’t, which is very normal and likely, I reach out to them individually and encourage them to do so, pointing out the value that can be found in the support of the group.
I also add each challenger to a prayer journal that I have, and I pray for three challengers a day. Each time I pray for them, I journal what I’m praying, and I reach out to them to let them know I’m praying for them, as well as ask for an update on how to be praying specifically. This keeps me in tune to their specific needs and journey, and helps me talk to them at the very least, weekly.

The relationship with a challenger should be an ongoing one that never concludes. Even though they may go in and out of seasons where they engage the group well, you want to steadily communicate that you’re here for them and ready to walk with them at any point if they need you and the group. Even if they take a step back from engaging the group regularly, you should try to contact them at least once a month to see how they’re doing.

Challenge groups should be FUN and interactive, not stressful. You don’t have to do them just like mine, do them in a way that best serves your challengers and allows your light to shine as their coach!

Check out your Vital Process worksheet in your TRF Business Planner for tracking your new clients.