08 – Grow Your Tribe with the Vital Process

Watch this 17 minute video. 

There are several ways to grow your team, and they are all important. However, growing your tribe with the vital process is one of the most organic and solid ways to build.

The vital process is all about these 5 things:
1. Loving people where they are at in the journey
2. Coaching them with excellence and consistency
3. Being a good example
4. Planting coach seeds along the way
5. Encouraging them to take that NEXT STEP into sharing their life change with others

The only way to grow your team organically is to have new challengers in your group each month. This is absolutely why Success Club is a vital benchmark. Without new challengers, you won’t be able to coach people through the vital process. So first things first, invite to your challenge groups and fill them up. Then, you can utilize this training to help you build a team.

As you fill your challenge groups, make sure you track the activity level and transformations of your customers HERE. And if you need help knowing what to say as you invite challengers to join you on your team, here is a script to use a guide.