09 – Inviting People to Join Your Team

Watch this 10 minute video.

Inviting people to join your team is an exciting step! Your reach can only go so far, but when you decide to duplicate what you’re doing by growing a team, your reach can be exponential! So let’s change the world together, sister! K?

You might invite someone to join your team as a:

  1. Business parter
  2. Discount coach

Although I love adding new business partners who are off to the races, it’s also fun to help someone take a baby step as a discount coach. You NEVER know where that can lead!  As a new team building coach, your team will most likely be comprised of more discount coaches than business builders, that’s normal. It’s important to meet people where they are at, let them know that you believe in them as they take a next step, big or small.

When inviting someone to join your team, there is an invite process that we follow:

  1. Send out a step one invite
  2. Send a 3rd party tool with a way to schedule the phone follow up
  3. Follow up

One of the best resources for this is the book Go Pro by Eric Worre. If you haven’t read it, it’s a network marketing 101 MUST. Make it next on your list! If adding to your team is an area where you lack confidence, I’ve compiled a list of trainings from experts and successful coaches (because I’ve been where you are). Dive into learning as much as you can from those who have gone before you and be willing to fail forward and you’ll be the expert in no time!

Sidenote: When you are inviting someone to become a discount coach, you can offer that up from the get-go as they are purchasing their first challenge pack. To see how this is worded, you can revisit the discount option in our challenge group scripts. Or, you can allow them to come into your challenge group first, then offer the option to coach later.  I always post a housekeeping message in my challenge group around day 10 – 15 and usually get a little interest about discount coaching that way. Here’s the message that I post. And as always, you can initiate the conversation in 1-1 message with someone by adapting one of our challenger to coach step one invites.