10 – Mindset + Next Steps

Congrats, new coach! You took some big steps in this Business Starter Academy and we are so proud of you! Listen to Brendon Burchard speak about how successful people think.

If you find yourself giving in to fear or paralyzed by self doubt, you MUST increase the amount of personal development that you are listening and/or reading.  And now that you have completed your first phase of training, please make sure that you have TAKEN ACTION on the following:


  1. Launched your  business on Facebook or Instagram (your platform of choice)
  2. Posted your WHY post
  3. Invited at least 10 people to your 1st challenge group using the INVITE PROCESS (hosted by you or co-hosted by you and your upline)
  4. Completed (not just read) the Shakeology training


Are you ready for your NEXT STEP?


If you have completed this training, you are ready for TEAM BUILDER ACADEMY located here in our team site. You’ll learn new coaching skills and how to create the income building habits necessary to grow a successful business. This is a self paced training. Also, don’t wait for your coach to reach out to you, instead, reach out to them and ask to schedule a weekly call. Team Builder Academy will be your home base until you are an Emerald coach with at least 4 ACTIVE COACHES, reaching Success Club consistently and hosting your own challenge groups.

NOTE: Please DO NOT MOVE ON until you have completed Business Starter Academy. Everything builds on the next, so if you haven’t taken action on the tasks already presented to you, no big deal, but it’s time to go back and cover your tracks! If you want to build a successful business, you have to be coachable, willing to learn, take action and build a strong foundation.