10 – Team Cycle Bonuses Explained

Watch this 7 minute video.

Team Cycle Bonus is directly tied to how many people your whole TEAM is helping. Whether it’s your personally sponsored coach or not, doesn’t matter. As a Beachbody Coach, you earn volume from all levels down in your organization. This is drastically different than most compensation plans that limit your earnings to a certain number of levels. And that’s why we literally work as a TEAM. When you help someone else who is not your personally sponsored coach, you are literally helping yourself. I love how that works!

Essentially, you earn one team cycle bonus every time one leg has 200 volume points and the other leg has 100 volume points. As an Emerald Coach, you earn $14 per cycle. As a Ruby Coach, you earn $16 per cycle. As a Diamond Coach and above, you earn $18 per cycle. It doesn’t sound like much, right? When you first start cycling, you’ll see an extra $14 here and there. But I assure you, if you are wanting to make this your full time gig, your team cycle bonus is where the most opportunity to earn resides.

Retail income is a great way to earn immediately. Team cycle bonus income takes time to build, but ensures that you don’t have to limit yourself to being purely retail based forever. There are multiple ways to earn as a Beachbody Coach and that’s a very good thing. Let’s just say you want to earn $5,000 per month. How many All Access challenge packs is that? Divide $5,000 by 70 and you get 72 (not including all residual Shakeology customers you may already have, so this is a little hypothetical) …. you’re going to be VERY busy selling that many challenge packs to make that kind of income.

Did that put things into perspective? Your impact grows when you BUILD A TEAM. Your income grows when you BUILD A TEAM. Your leadership abilities grow when you BUILD A TEAM.

Here’s a TFR Team Cycle Bonus Chart that shows the earning potential at each rank as it pertains to your volume on each leg. There is a team cycle bonus cap at each rank. For example, as an Emerald Coach, you cap at $250 per week, not in total commissions, but in team cycle bonus. This ensures that coaches continue to grow their teams as their volume and income grows.