11 – Onboarding

Watch this 15 minute video.

Onboarding is a term we use for getting your new coaches started off on the right foot. This is also where you begin to grow as a leader. Remember, your coaches signed up with YOU. Don’t expect your upline coach to mentor them along. While we host trainings as a team and help each other as a team, make sure you are the one leading your team.

Here is our onboarding checklist:

First 24 Hours
1. Welcome Email with About You form attached (be sure to make your own copies of these – don’t edit mine directly)
2. Add to BOTH Team Pages (Team Redefining Fitness AND Fit Legacy Family (our parent team)) and create a welcome post in the team page. Tag new coach in the post.

First 48 Hours
3. New Coach Basics Training videos (via this website)

First Week
4. Getting Started Right Call

First Month
5. Business Starter Academy (via this website)
6. Team Builder Academy (via this website)

The good news is that this process is laid out for you, you just have to execute! Listen to the video as I describe each step and the role that you as a leader play in each one. Remember, you don’t have to be a perfect leader or know all of the answers … that’s not what leadership is about. In fact, if people are your “tribe”, they will be excited to grow with you and go on this journey together. Leadership is empowering others to see something IN themselves that they can’t see FOR themselves. As a leader, I encourage you to use this structure to give you the freedom to show other women how to lead and how to live out THEIR God given potential.

ASSIGNMENT: Make a Google Drive copy or canned response of the Welcome Email and About You so that you have it on hand when you sign up your next coach!