12 – Leadership Ladder and Next Steps

Please watch this 30 minute video.

Please listen to Part 2 of Cori’s training:  https://youtu.be/-hylimh-7p8.


So what’s the Leadership Ladder? And how does it connect to what you learned from Cori’s training? Well, simply put, there is more to life (and to this business) than all the shiny objects that come alongside of achieving a certain rank.


It’s our goal on this team to help you build a strong, stable business with steady income. You do this by helping as many people as possible – physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Remember, you can grow fast, but you can’t grow fast alone. You’ll have to find others who share your vision.


As you can see, the Leadership Ladder is a big picture view of your business. It takes rank, volume and income and helps you set goals that reflect your success in all of these areas as a collective whole. The jump from Team Builder to Team Leader is often the most difficult, but the most rewarding! It’s our goal that you make that jump as soon as possible.




So where do you stand right now? Can you identify the areas in which you need to improve? What’s your next step? Send your upline a message and ask him or her to help you develop a plan for getting to the next rung.


As you end this training, you have everything you need to become a Diamond Coach and begin to create your own movement of epic proportions. Once you are consistently running challenge groups, reaching Success Club and have become a Diamond Coach, we’d love to talk with you more about next steps, so contact your Star Diamond upline for what you should do next.


We believe that there is GREATNESS inside of YOU and it’s my greatest dream and desire to see the gifts that God has given you be put on display in such a way that it honors Him and sets others free. That’s the kind of kingdom minded business I want to build, are you coming with me?