Academy Prep Work

WELCOME! The goal of Team Builder Academy is to help you focus on the business building activities that will move you forward from business starter to team builder … or, what we like to call it, A TRIBE BUILDER. This is a self-led training and is meant for you to complete at your own pace. To get the most out of it, make sure you are staying in close contact with your coach and completing each assignment as written.

Another coach, Amber Bailey, has shared her training with us and we are so grateful for the tools available to us! She has built her team, Team Fit Revival, to an incredible level and I have tremendous respect and admiration for her. Please take advantage of these tools she’s sharing with us and participate!

We are so excited that you are here and we know that there is GREATNESS being called out in each one of you. This training series will be your home base until you have:

  1. mastered phase 1 and feel confident with the invite process
  2. reach Success Club 5 consistently
  3. hosted your own challenge group
  4. become an Emerald Coach with at least 4 active coaches

There is no secret sauce to growing your coaching business, or any business for that matter. YOU and your own blood, sweat and tears are the secret sauce. Often we get distracted by activities that are good, but that won’t build a business. We get comfortable and we want to stay in that comfort zone.

Want the truth? You’ll have to do these income building activities consistently over a long period of time in order to build a solid, stable business that you love. You’ll have to do the uncomfortable and learn new skill sets in order to succeed. You may not be good at each of these income building activities YET, but the good news is that you can learn and improve. The only way to improve is to do them over and over without excuse. None of these activities are things that require a special talent or gifting, you simply have to be willing to do the nonglamorous tasks that must come first in your business.

Stay laser focused on doing your business building activities first, and know that all other business RELATED activities come second. This will help you to stay engaged in doing the primary activities that all other successful coaches put first in their business.

To prep for this training series, please have the following ready as you begin:

  1. A personal development book or audio
  2. A calendar (handwritten or web based)
  3. Our TRF Business Planner.