Cultivating YOUR Journey Ongoing Group

As a coach, this is the heart of what I do in my business – creating and cultivating an atmosphere for a group of people who are who are trying to follow healthier, sustainable lifestyle habits, motivated by a spiritual understanding of stewardship and obedience. We focus on discipline and progress over perfection. It looks differently for each individual based on their goals and needs, but covers tools that equip for stewardship in developing physical disciplines as well as spiritual disciplines.

What’s unique about our group?

My clients are not just being coached by me. They get the benefit of being coached by many coaches on my team because we do our Challenge group TOGETHER. Having different personalities, journeys, and stories involved in how you’re being coaches is incredibly valuable and we love doing it together.

Additionally, we believe that pursuing discipline in our physical health is not just one area of our life…it affects so many other areas of our life as well, which I learned once I began paying more attention to in my own life. We see our mission as an endeavor to redefine fitness to embody more of a God-honoring, healthy understanding of stewardship. We want to focus on cultivating discipline in what matters the most, which centers on stewarding every relationship, role and responsibility we’ve been given by the Lord.

We also have 5 core values that we encourage and reinforce often, as pictured below. Core Values CG

Gratitude fuels all we do, especially generosity.
We focus on grace towards others, yes, but also to ourselves. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
We are committed to growth and progress (not perfection). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
We understand the value of grit. Because circumstances can be challenging and we need to push through sometimes by continuing on even when it’s not fun.

In a nutshell, what’s my story?

I started my journey in 2015 by trusting a friend who told me that I needed to invest in myself in order to better invest in my family. At the time I had a 18 month little boy. My main motivation for getting started was to lose weight and regain energy in order to be a better mom. What I never expected was the strength I would gain, the mindset changes that would occur, and the connections that have been made to spiritual stewardship. It truly surprised me along the way, and the Lord continues to teach me through these connections.

Why have I made a business out of this? What is my mission?

In one statement: I am in the business of helping others grow in God-honoring personal discipline in order to cultivate an intentional life that glorifies God.

How do I coach others?

This mainly happens in the context of our Cultivating YOUR Journey ongoing group, often referred to as a challenge/support/accountability group. I also commit to checking in weekly with challengers for the first 30 days, and monthly or as needed afterwards, depending on goals/needs of the individual.

What is a challenge group?

A group of people committed to working on their health goals together.

On what platform does it function?

The majority of the engagement, education and encouragement happens in a Facebook group. Additionally, we have a separate app available and accessible only to clients. The purpose of the app is for accountability with your coach and recognition in our group each week based on your week’s activities. Through the app you log your daily workout and shake for the duration of the program you’re committed to doing.

How long does the challenge last?

Great question! Ultimately, I believe that these changes should be lifestyle ones…not ones we do just for a quick fix or challenge. However, logistically, you’re committing to one month minimum. But it’s strongly encouraged that you take advantage for the full year. That’s my commitment to you. I suggest that each person engage the group as much as needed. If one month is sufficient for establishing and maintaining lifestyle changes, great. If you need to turn off notifications and then check back in when you’re ready, great. It’s up to you how long you engage the group, but I’m committed to this being a group for people who are wanting to make lifestyle, sustainable changes.  

Why is the group important?

There’s a community aspect that is often underestimated, but once experienced, extremely valuable. There’s something about working through struggles and celebrating victories together with like minded people that creates a higher level of success. Additionally, the group includes copious amounts of valuable information for educating, equipping and encouraging you on your stewardship journey. 

What do current challengers say is unique about our group? (Direct quotes below.)

  • I like that it’s different-not just about physical health, but spiritual as well.
  • It’s about our relationship with God as well. This group focuses on both being important.
  • I like the accountability , the encouragement. Also the fact that is not just about discipline in eating or exercise but getting into the word , focus on spiritual growth as well as a healthy body and healthy lifestyle.
  • The group is accountability and encouragement together, and I’m really thankful for the way it brings people together on different journeys for the common goal of overall health & wellness: spiritually, physically, and mentally.
  • You always have a base of people to ask questions.


Do you have to do the same fitness program and nutrition plan as everyone else?

No. We believe each person is on his or her own journey, and what one person needs differs from another based on goals, limitations, health issues, etc. So, there is always room for variation. We help each individual choose what program and plan is best for her at any given time. The goal is to complete one program and either repeat it for continued growth, or choose a different program that prevents stagnation and boredom.

Where do we get our workouts, nutrition plan and superfoods?

Our company provides SO MANY resources to equip us a coaches to help each INDIVIDUAL customize the best package to meet his or her goals, needs, desires, health limitations, etc. We really want to get to know the individual and make the best recommendation possible, and then can send each person a cart that we design together based on the best solution. We are passionate about helping each individual and can point to solutions and strategies that range in price and can fit into any budget. 

Want to continue the conversation? 

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