Why I Started a Blog

As a young wife and mother, I ask a lot of questions.

Titus 2:3-5 talks about how the older women should teach the younger women. In one of my favorite books on this passage, Feminine Appeal,

Cover of
Cover of Feminine Appeal

Carolyn Mahaney writes that “it is doubtful that the Apostle Paul had in mind Bible classes or seminars or books when he spoke of teaching younger women. He meant the simple things, the everyday example, the willingness [. . .] to walk with her the way of the cross – with its tremendous demands of patience, selflessness, loving kindness – and to show her, in the ordinariness of Monday through Saturday, how to keep a quiet heart.”

I’m twenty-six years old. Barely. The experience I lack is greater than what I have. I do not claim to be one of these older, wiser women. Every day I recognize my failures more and more, and my questions only multiply.

And that’s why I started a blog. My questions have yielded answers from some very wise, Christ-following women. Most of these women lead ordinary lives with nothing flashy or eye-catching to any observer. But they are walking the way of the cross, and few of them have a platform to share what they’re learning along the way. It is the wisdom I’m blessed to obtain from them that I share here. Some of it is spiritual, biblically correcting and informing my attitude, thoughts and words (which often need correcting!), and a lot of it is practical advice: ideas for how to love my husband well now that there are three of us, how to travel with a baby, simple daily disciplines that work one week but need to be adapted the next for our family’s growth spurts, etc., etc.

Basically, I blog about what I’m learning as I’m learning it.

And I must add this disclaimer: aside from Biblical truth, please don’t assume that I am declaring my thoughts and ideas to be completely conducive to your family like they are for mine. I enjoy hearing others’ practical ideas and taking bits and pieces for my own family, all the time asking for discernment on what applies best to my family, at this particular season. I’m learning that it changes frequently.

That’s my hope and challenge to you for what I share. Read it, take the parts you wish and leave the others behind, try out a few things and discard them as you will. I encourage you to join me in continually seeking wisdom on what best fits the particular individuals in your family for the particular season you are in currently.

So please, read my blog. Add your own thoughts and comments and nuggets of goodness that you’ve learned from other women. And in doing so, I pray we are considering Titus 2:3-5, and being transformed by the glorious gospel that we hope to display in the process.

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