Cloth Diapering in the Lives of 4 Babies

When it comes to cloth diapering, it can be easy to get overwhelmed quickly. There are so many options and possible combinations. Rather than attempt to explain every kind of cloth diaper (I contemplated it), I thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse into the cloth diapering lives of four different babies. If you find yourself interested in the products used by these parents, simply click on the corresponding links for a picture and explanation of the diaper. The many types, brands, etc. of cloth diapers are certainly not covered here, so feel free to do some research yourself or ask questions. For a quick and easy explanation of cloth diapering, visit Nappy Shoppe’s page. Seriously, click on that link. It contains the shortest, simplest explanation I’ve ever found. I recommend visiting their store if you’re in the DFW area. Each of these parents purchased at least some of their cloth diapers there.

Additionally, I have a friend from college that makes and sells cloth diapers – check out her products at Diaper Circus! While you’re at it, congratulate her on the recent birth of her third boy!

Also, Changing Diapers by Kelly Wels is a very helpful book to read for a more thorough explanation of cloth diapering.

I hope you enjoy learning about each of these babies’ cloth diapering lifestyles.

17 month old Jackson

One Size Cover

What I wear during the day at home: Green Mountain Pre-folds (newspaper folded) with a snappi and Rumparooz covers

What I wear at night: a larger-sized Green Mountain pre-fold (for additional absorbency) and a Rumparooz Cover

What I wear away from home: Disposables


Why my parents cloth diaper: My parents love knowing that we’re saving tons of money by cloth diapering as well as contributing fewer dirty diapers to the local landfill.

Tip from my Mom: As a baby begins eating solid food (or if you’re using diaper rash cream) it’s recommended that you use a liner. Many people use a sprayer attached to the toilet en lieu of the liner and I think we may be getting one soon. However, in the mean time we use these Bummis Biosoft flushable liners. It makes discarding the solid poop much easier and helps prevent it from sticking to the diaper.

My diaper inventory: 12 medium pre-folds, 12 large pre-folds (use these at night for the extra absorbancy), 5 snappis, 7 covers

Detergent (same used by Beau’s mom): Rockin’ Green

11 month old Beau


What I wear during the day at home: Sweet Pea Indian Cotton Pre-fold (tri-folded) with a Sweet Pea Snap Cover

What I wear at night: Bum Genius Velcro Pocket Diaper

What I wear away from home: Bum Genius Elemental Snap Diaper (All-In-One) or Sweet Pea Pocket Diapers


Why my parents cloth diaper: Although there are lots of reasons that my parents like cloth diapers (including how much money it saves!), they really like how the diapers never leak. I haven’t had a blow-out since I was a newborn (my parents were still learning how to fasten a diaper correctly at that point).

Tip from my Mom: My handy husband installed our own homemade diaper sprayer (cheaper than buying one), which was great for B’s dirty diapers before he transitioned to eating more solid foods. Since the diaper is usually pretty wet after I clean it, I carry an old tupperware container to prevent dripping yucky water on the floor. Now, since he’s eating more solid foods, I simply use a tool like an old spatula to remove the solids.

My diaper inventory: 15 pre-folds and 4 covers (mainly for home wear), 3 Bum Genius Pocket Diapers (mainly for night wear), 2 Sweet Pea Pockets and 4 Bum Genius Elementals (mainly for traveling). I also have a few of these G-flappers that can be used for extra absorbency.

9 month old Sophia


What I wear during the day at home: Bum Genius Snap Pocket Diapers or Sweet Pea Snap Pocket Diapers, sometimes Bum Genius All-in-One Diapers

What I wear at night: Velcro Pocket Diapers with inserts for additional absorbency

What I wear away from home: Both Disposable and Cloth Diapers – it really just depends on where we’re going, who is watching me, and how long we will be out of the house


Why my parents cloth diaper: As the homemaker and wife, my Mom feels an ever-growing responsibility to steward our resources well and be as wise and creative as possible in doing so. She thinks cloth diapering is a practical way to be good stewards of our money, and she also loves how she can match my diapers to my dresses.

Tip from my Mom: I really like to save extra money we get here and there (whether $20 or $50 or whatever) and after a few months use that to buy a few diapers. It helps it not take money out of our monthly budget. I’m trying to slowly build up a storehouse for when/if we have multiple children in diapers at one time.

My diaper inventory: 6 Bum Genius All-in-ones, 14 Bum Genius Pockets, 4 Sweet Pea Pockets (combinations of both snap and velcro diapers)

Detergent: Country Save

6 month old Joel 


What I wear at home and away from home: Sweet Pea Indian Cotton Pre-fold (tri-folded) with a Sweet Pea Snap Cover

What I wear at night: Bum Genius Velcro Pocket Diaper


Why my parents cloth diaper: Mainly economic reasons. The truth is, it saves money.

Tip from my Mom: My other kids are old enough where they help me with the cloth diapers. They take the wet/dirty diapers to the wet bag for me. My 7 year old has even done a whole change of a dirty diaper (wiping and re-diapering). I wish I had cloth diapered with all three! If I can do it, anyone can. We are super busy but all it means is an extra load of laundry every other day or so. Plus, if a 7 year old boy can handle a dirty diaper, any parent can!

My diaper inventory: 16 pre-folds and 5 covers (day wear) and 3 Bum Genius Velcro Pockets (night wear)

Detergent: Charlie’s Liquid Soap

These babies and their parents are all different. Their choices in cloth diapers differ based on lifestyle, budget, preference, need for absorbency, size/build of baby, etc. There truly are so many options now. Although it can be overwhelming to know where to begin, it’s worth it to investigate and determine what best fits your baby and your lifestyle. Contrary to popular belief, it does not involve spending hours soaking your hands in poopy water. There are so many different products and additions that make it simple. It’s a definite investment that saves you significant amounts of money (especially with subsequent children!), provides something safe and soft for your baby, helps out the environment, AND guarantees a baby with a cute bottom!

Pretty sure my husband cringed as he read that last point. 🙂

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