Why health and fitness “coaching”?

If you’ve been annoyed by the sudden influx of my posts regarding health and fitness topics, and you clicked on the link to my blog, you’re likely curious as to the reasoning behind it. So, let’s jump in. We’ll start with a few facts about myself:

1.) I strongly dislike salespeople.

2.) I struggle worrying what others think (specifically, in this case, about me talking about health and fitness so much).

So, after evaluation and many talks with my husband, here’s how I overcame those two areas:

1.) I wouldn’t be involved in “selling” anything that I didn’t fully believe in, something I didn’t find valuable.

2.) I just have to continue being honest and stop worrying about what others do or don’t think.

What you may not know is that I’ve been considered a “coach” for Team Beachbody for two years now. I obviously haven’t shared as much about it prior to the last few months, so why all the focus on it now? I’ll try to make it short and simple with a little Q&A.

I love Team Beachbody’s products. Why?


Because they encourage a healthy LIFESTYLE. There’s no magic pill. In order to see results with these products, you have to put forth the effort, which means operating how our bodies were created to operate…with good nutrition and consistent exercise. I’m not claiming they are the only good products on the market. Personally, I’m encouraged by all of the products and companies I see that seem to be promoting healthier living. I’m grateful for friends who are spending time and energy to promote this, regardless of the company. Beachbody products are simply what work for me and what has enabled me to change my lifestyle.

Why does this matter to me?

Let’s get one thing out of the way first. You’ll never hear me say that these products or this coaching experience are the key to life and happiness and success. I laughed even typing that.

But, I do firmly believe that God has given me my life and body and wants me to be a good steward of these things. Stewarding it well affects my life and the lives of those around me, especially my husband and boys. I could go on and on about this, but I’ll save that for another post one day. Because I think God desires good stewardship of our health, I’ve seen how these products have equipped me to steward myself and my family better. They’ve given me the tools for this season of life to focus on my fitness that I had not found elsewhere. So, back to our Q&A.

Am I unhappy in my current job?

Absolutely not. I love my job and the work at iGo. I love the people I get to work alongside. I’ve never felt more confident in my calling to be on staff there. So, unlike a lot of other coaches, I’m not unhappy, looking for my dream job and searching for my purpose in life. I’m just not. Sorry.

But working at iGo sometimes means that staff members work other jobs…several of us do that. Our salary is completely support-raised, so a little extra cash from other opportunities is a way that we are trying to support our families and be diligent to work hard to do what we know we are called to do at iGo.

So, why did I choose to pursue the business opportunity with Team Beachbody?

Because I’ve seen how it’s affected my life, and that makes me excited to help others in the same way. Is it a plus that I get paid for it? Of course. We are in a season right now where we need some extra income, which honestly played a part in me examining the business opportunity Beachbody offers, and considering if it could be something I might pursue more. We concluded that it seemed to be an opportunity the Lord has given me that I need to be diligent with. Is it a get-rich-quick-scheme? Nope. If that’s what I was after, there are lots of other things I’d pursue. But that’s not it. So my reasoning behind doing this is obviously not just to make money. I would have a hard time doing something I didn’t enjoy or value just to make money.

I’m passionate about this because I think it matters. And I think it’s pretty cool that I can help my family financially as I focus on my own health, share my experience with others, and support and encourage them on their own nutrition and fitness journeys. That’s essentially what Beachbody offers…great fitness products with a mentor/coach, and a business opportunity that isn’t about selling the product, but about truly “coaching” others toward their goals and walking alongside them providing support, encouragement and accountability. All while continuing and not interrupting my most important roles of wife and mom.

And that is pretty neat, I think. For this season, we certainly see it as a gift from the Lord.

So block me if you’re tired of hearing about it, or just keep watching/reading. Or if you’re curious, shoot me a message. I won’t attack you with sales pitches, even if I did know how to do them. I’ll just enjoy hearing about your own fitness goals, and sharing more with you about mine.

Thanks for reading. 😉



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