Reasons why I’m an unlikely homeschooler.

Almost since the beginning of homeschooling, I started receiving reactions from others regarding our choice to switch to homeschooling from public school. Countless times I’ve heard reasons why others could never do what we are doing.

Now, the point of what I’m sharing is not to prove that everyone needs to homeschool. However, so many of the thoughts that others share with me are thoughts I myself had before we followed the Lord’s guidance to make this change. And most of these reasons became limitations that were focused on one theme – myself.

So I share them here, and what I’ve learned from these self-imposed limitations, because I feel that others – even those of you in the trenches of homeschooling who struggle with doubts and fears (don’t we all?!) can relate, and I pray you find encouragement through what the Lord has taught me.

So, here are some of the reasons I’m an unlikely homeschooler…or, at least some of the limitations that existed in my mind.

I don’t naturally have a calm, peaceful disposition. I can yell easily. I struggle with control and that often expresses itself in loud ways. I hate it and it’s something I battle against daily.

Because of one of my children has a similar disposition, we butt heads…often. We don’t naturally have a peaceful relationship. We love each other fiercely, but our days are FILLED with apologizing to each other and reminding ourselves of our need for Jesus.

I don’t like crafts. Not one little bit. By crafts, I mean anything that involves glue, glitter, cutting, painting, making a mess, etc. I’m not naturally drawn to that. I love when the boys’ aunt comes to visit and does these things with them because I just do not enjoy it.

I wasn’t homeschooled. I am not a second, third, or fourth generation homeschooler. My husband wasn’t homeschooled. We have zero previous experience to pull from other than that we always thought homeschoolers were weird and we didn’t want to be weird.

Each of these areas reveals MYTHS we believed about homeschooling (I could address each of them individually, but that’s a post for another time).

But here’s what I’m learning along the way…

This isn’t about me and my capabilities, disposition, temperament, skills, etc.

This is about a God who equips, sanctifies, loves, shepherds, and desires to use messy little me in the lives of my children to shape their hearts toward him.

It’s not about our weaknesses, friend. It’s about His strength. And the more we are placed in positions to remind ourselves and our children about our dependence on Him and His finished work on the cross, the better off we will be. Homeschooling or not.

So lean into the messy, unlikely places of your life today. God is at work there.

Can you relate to anything I shared? What truths about God have you found that speak into your weaknesses or limitations?

3 Replies to “Reasons why I’m an unlikely homeschooler.”

  1. Love this! I have been thinking about it more & more lately, but all of the things you listed about your concerns are on my list as well. I’m excited to read more about your journey!

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