Intentional holiday plans…both for homeschooling and non-homeschooling families

I know the busy season of holidays can come upon us rather quickly, but I wanted to share a resource that my family will be using for the weeks leading up to Reformation Day (October 31), Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Christmas, and sometimes Easter, tend to be holidays that Christ-followers try to celebrate in an intentional manner, but sometimes our calendars fill up so much that the day arrives and we feel like our intentions were simply that – intentions and nothing more.

I am always grateful for resources that help me actually put hands and feet to my intentions, and so I wanted to pass along what our family is doing in case it would serve your family, too!

A friend recommended Brighter Day Press to me months ago, and we used their Easter guide for the week leading up to Easter – we loved it! So when I saw that they posted a Thanksgiving guide, I quickly snatched it up, before becoming aware of their full holiday bundle, asking for a refund, and then changing my purchase to include all three of the holiday guides for this season!

Check out their holiday guide here! It includes plans for Reformation Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

I won’t tell you what all these plans include, but if you click on the individual plans via their website, you’ll see a list of what it entails. I think these are great resources regardless of whether or not you homeschool – they could be used in so many great ways – around the breakfast table, before bedtime gatherings, or scattered throughout the course of a few weeks if you want to spread it out more. I encourage you to consider how you could incorporate them into your family this holiday season!

Here’s our plan: Since we homeschool on a year-round schedule, and generally take a Sabbath week every 6 weeks or so, I planned our Sabbath weeks for the weeks prior to Reformation Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. During those weeks, we will follow these sets of plans for a break from our regular schedule and routine, while still keeping some rhythms to our days.

Don’t forget to check out the resources. Again, here’s the holiday bundle, and here’s an example of the Thanksgiving plans so you can see a detailed view of what an individual guide includes. I pray it’s a helpful resource for you and your families this holiday season!

And coming soon…I’ll be sharing a more lengthy post about our full celebration plans for Advent and Christmas!

2 Replies to “Intentional holiday plans…both for homeschooling and non-homeschooling families”

  1. Looks like we have some of the same plans in mind for the holidays! These guides are beautiful , I had to scoop them up right away! I added some extras in because I’m using them w/ an older student but I love how prepared in advance I am for the holiday season this year!

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