Goin’ on and Goin’ to Montana, family RV trip 2022 Days 1-2

The longer I’m married, the more readily I embrace the sanctification and adventure of following my husband where he wants to go. It really can be a joyous thrill of a ride when I agree to do things that I probably would never have done if it were up to me.

For example, having children the ages of 9,7 and 3 and being quite pregnant with our fourth doesn’t seem to be a good season for taking a 60+ hour road trip, right?

Guess again. At least when Nick Gainey decides to do something.

I truly love this aspect of my husband’s character. Whereas I overanalyze and try to wait for the perfect time for something, he steadily reminds me that there is no perfect time. And while a trip of this magnitude takes hours of planning, research and preparation, I’m learning slowly that if I will prepare my heart and focus primarily on my attitude, we can tackle and trust any adventure the Lord brings our way.

Thus begins a series of blog posts where I will hopefully share our adventures for the trip we’ve themed quite appropriately after a favorite movie: Let’s go on and go if we’re goin…to Montana.

Day 1 Driving through Texas

We left home right as the flooding in DFW began on Sunday around 3pm. It rained for most of our driving this day, which makes a motorhome have to go even slower (around 50mph). We chose not to make reservations the first and final nights of our round trip, but rather to boondock wherever we needed to stop based on when Nick grew tired. Since we have a generator, and the kids can sleep while we drive, this is pretty easily done. We pulled over at a Wal Mart in Dumas our first night at 12:30, and slept until Nick got back behind the wheel again at 6am.

Day 2 – Denver and Cheyenne

We enjoyed watching the sunrise in the Texas panhandle and getting an early start on the next leg of our journey. We made really good timing and arrived in Denver around noon, so Nick had the idea to surprise the kids with a tour of Coors Field where the Colorado Rockies play baseball. We had time to stop for a late lunch at Jackson’s near the ballpark, and then made the 2pm tour, which lasted 90 minutes. Our boys especially enjoyed it, and we all loved a break from the driving. We didn’t even realize the Texas Rangers planned to be there the next day for a two game series.

We then loaded back up for the final leg of our trip for the day- only 80 miles until our stop south of Cheyenne, Wyoming!

Terry Bison Ranch was quite a unique place! After hooking up the RV, we took a self guided walking tour among all the many animals on the Ranch, followed by dinner! I encourage you to look up the history behind Terry Bison Ranch, which I read aloud to our family during our buffet dinner at Senator’s Steakhouse.

Today’s meals

Breakfast: yogurt and prepped breakfast burritos

Lunch: sourdough cheddar and ham sandwiches, and then Nick and Beau had burgers at Jackson’s

Dinner: buffet at Senator’s Steakhouse

And lastly, our boy Rio is along for the ride as well, living his best life.

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