Montana RV Vacation, Days 9-10

Day 9 – Grand Teton National Park

I awoke at my normal time and could tell it had gotten really cold during the night, so I turned on the heater and enjoyed coffee, reading and writing for several hours before anyone began to stir. We decided to head to the lodge restaurant of our camp for breakfast, and what a delight it was! A large fireplace with a warm fire greeted us at the door, and we enjoyed a buffet of items for breakfast. We even looked out the window and saw another fox scamper by at one point.

We then headed south in the Grand Teton National Park, not sure how far we would go, but playing it by ear as I had several trails marked along the main road. We ended up stopping at Taggart Lake Trailhead and making a three mile round trip hike! It was a good adventure for us, and ended at Taggart Lake with a beautiful view of the Teton mountain ridge.

By the time we made it back to the truck, we were all hungry, and drove back north until we reached Jackson Lake Lodge, where we stopped for a late lunch (around 2pm) in their diner. This building alone has incredible views of the mountains and Jackson Lake. We then trekked up to Lunch Hill where Rockefeller used to picnic, who had a lot to do with turning the area into a National park.

We returned to our RV and spent a quiet evening lounging and playing baseball outside while I cooked a Chicken and Bacon Wild Rice soup. We enjoyed eating it on our picnic table and then roasted s’mores before getting ready for bed and preparing to leave the next day.

Day 10 – Moving Day, Estes Park, Colorado

We are getting better at leaving earlier and quicker! The night before, we went ahead and pulled in the main slide and hooked up the truck, so all we needed to do after waking was pull in our bedroom slide, unhook the sewer and power and pull out! We awoke at 5 and we’re on the road by 5:30, coffee in hand and all kids still asleep.

We enjoyed the sunrise as we drove south through the Grand Teton National Park one last time. We then had a pretty smooth day of driving, with lots of mountain passes, but Nick drove it all so well! He even crossed the bridge in the picture below without scraping the RV on either side! It was the tightest squeeze we’ve ever had to make, I think!

We made it into Estes Park about 4:30pm and returned to Elk Meadow RV Resort, our third time here. We were delighted to have a spot this time with trees around us! I started a load of laundry while the kids played putt putt and played on the playground, and then we grabbed a few groceries in town before Nick grilled burgers for dinner. (Can you tell he likes to grill?) 😉

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