Let me warn you.

I haven’t warned you about this, so I probably should.
If you say yes to this business opportunity, some intense things might happen.
You may reconnect with someone who was merely an acquaintance from your past.
You may end up becoming good friends.

hailee and me
She may ask you to mentor you, which could lead to you inviting her to join your church community.
She may be looking for a place to live while she saves to buy a house, and you may discuss it with your community and feel God leading you to have her live with you, to invite her to watch all sorts of areas of your life in a closer way, to learn from the good and bad, the strengths and weaknesses of yourself and how God is daily molding you through sanctifying moments of dawdling children, disagreements with your spouse, and all the other day to day living that happens in the walls of your home.
You may experience an indescribable joy at the satisfaction this brings to your heart to really do life-on-life discipleship with someone as you watch this person, who was merely an acquaintance become a dear friend, love your children well, and sharpen you to become more like Jesus.

hailee and boys
Yes, friends. All because you say yes to a business opportunity that is less about selling stuff and more about discipling others.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😉❤️

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