Learning as we walk along the way

The beginning of our RV trip last month landed us on the side of the road for 8 hours, and as usual, God had plenty to teach us during that time. I don’t think it takes waiting long in life to found ourselves in situations like this one, so I pray it encourages you.

What began as a thrown and shredded belt turned into the need for a new AC compressor, which required two mechanics but only one came, so now Nick knows all about how to fix an RV, ha!

Despite our plans being changed, Jesus was so sweet to remind all of us throughout the day to be grateful. I was SO proud of how everyone handled it. A few blessings we counted…

* we were able to take a few nature walks together
* the AC still worked
* we had plenty of food
* C was able to take a good nap before the mechanic arrived and her bed went upside down (it sits on the engine, ha) – see picture
* Nammaw and Pappaw were SUCH troopers and played and read and walked with the kids ALL DAY LONG (so many books!)
* we were stocked up on audio books via free credits with audible
* our plan for dinner was a slow cooker soup so we simply enjoyed it when it was time and it hit the spot – and we were able to share with the mechanic
* the mechanic had the part we needed so we didn’t have to wait two more days for it to arrive!
* God kept us safe for 8 hours while traffic zoomed by us pretty steadily on a major highway
* our holding tanks didn’t overflow 

It can be easy to get caught up in what we think our plans for resting or playing should be like. We set expectations and focus on the destination or the “event” and can lose sight of what happens as we go. Multiple times I felt the Holy Spirit reminding me that this life of learning and love and adventure and joy doesn’t just happen while we “do school” at home or once we reach our destination in the mountains, but AS WE GO. Deuteronomy 6 happens all along the way. And as we chatted about it today, what can seem like an inconvenience may just turn into a very sweet adventure. 

So grateful to a God to walks with us. Praying you experience his love and joy as you go, regardless of plans that do or do not meet your expectations. 

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