The direction we walk

“The direction you choose to walk determines the place you will arrive.” – Sally Clarkson, Awaking Wonder

The truth is that about a year ago I began to realize the direction we were walking, and I was NOT OKAY WITH IT.

Here are some of the places I found us:

– I dreaded weekends and holidays because I didn’t know how to spend the extra time with my family

– I felt like we were choosing between love and discipline, with no time for both – and since I err on the side of discipline, I could see the love waning between my children and me

– I was too exhausted at the end of the day to read or do a devotional with them

We had more “rough nights” (the only hours we were really together) than not and it was SO VERY HARD. And it continued for months and months.

So we tried to change it, and it just wasn’t enough. Not for us, not for our family, and not for our dynamics. Not for this season.

That’s when God placed homeschooling on my heart – something I never thought I would do.

But it was exactly what we needed.

I’m grateful God guides us and directs our steps.

Be encouraged and confident, friend, today -wherever you are! Don’t be fearful of what He may be calling you to do – we can trust him! And please be aware that sometimes if we have a healthy discontent with how things are going – maybe we need to move forward in faith to make what seems like radical changes.

I don’t know what that looks like for you. Goodness, I have a hard enough time trying to discern what it looks like for me. So I’m definitely not saying homeschooling is the answer for everyone. But wherever you are, pray and ask for God’s guidance, and then be ready to move forward in faith, not necessarily seeing every step you will walk.

It’s worth it, no matter how scary. His ways are good and gracious and definitely the best place to be.

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