Why we need a morning routine, and baby steps to having one

Morning routines are TOUGH. I didn’t realize that until I had babies.

Sleepless nights. Nursing every 2-3 hours. Sick kids. Sleep problems.

I’ve been there, Mama – exhausted at the end AND beginning of each day.

But let me encourage you…strive for your morning routine.

Start with a baby step.

Set your alarm 5-15 minutes earlier than normal and do that for a few weeks first.

Then set it a little earlier, and a little more until you have developed the habit to awaken when you want.

Commit to not checking your phone until after you spend time with Jesus.

Read scripture. Choose one passage to write in a journal. Pray.

Move your body intentionally.

Friend, I KNOW how challenging it can be to establish morning habits with littles.

But remember – we need this time, no matter how tired we are. We need time with Jesus. I imagine that when Jesus walked on this earth, he was physically exhausted most days. He may not have been a mama to littles children, but we can trust that he is our perfect high priest to SYMPATHIZES with our weaknesses and we better believe that he knows what it was like to empty himself daily to serve and sacrifice and love those he encountered. And he did it perfectly – far better than our attempts.

And yet he still took time to rise early and talk with his Father. He knew he needed THAT spiritual rest more than the physical rest.

Let that encourage you, today, friend. No matter your season or the difficulty of it, strive to establish and continue the habits that remind us of our dependence and need for Jesus.

We will never regret time at his feet. Never.

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