Simple sustenance

Simple sustenance has become my focus with feeding my family.

Since shifting to homeschooling, it can seem like most of our days are filled with eating.

Especially with two boys and one man- they seem to always be hungry!

I’ve had various seasons of cooking philosophies:

– make everything with cream of chicken and cream of mushroom! What’s easiest?!

– why do these people have to eat again?!

– asking husband to go buy meat at 5pm because I haven’t thought about dinner and thus nothing is thawed

– cooking everything from scratch

– batch cooking

– preparing every meal on weekends

ETC. 😅

But here is where we are now…

🌿 focus on simple and nutritious, sprinkling in baked treats and maybe one complex meal a week, allowing for variety but not stressing myself out in the process

Reading The Life Giving Home by @sally.clarkson helped me to understand preparing even the simplest meal for my people as a way to connect with them and love them well. Always having fruit or veggies or breads available for snacking and sustenance rather than monitoring their every bite has yielded some unexpected fruit- more open hearts and feelings of love and compassion between us all, I believe.

So some simple breakfast ideas include things like this Greek Yogurt, which is such a great form of protein, and these little toppings of drizzled honey, dark chocolate chips and sprinkles gives a special touch to the beginning of the day in a way that doesn’t require hardly any effort.

What are your favorite simple meals that allow you to provide sustenance for your people? I love gathering new ideas. ❤️

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