A Different Transformation: Health, Heart & Home Stewardship

A different kind of transformation, that reflects a transformation of heart, health and home stewardship.

You may look at what I share and think- “oh, she’s a homeschool mom that’s into health.”

But, friend- it’s so much deeper than that.

The picture taken 7 years ago represents a lot:

– a one year old energetic toddler who I used as an excuse for exhaustion, lack of motivation with any kind of discipline. No, I didn’t exercise, feed myself well or read my Bible consistently. I was merely surviving. And this even though I previously had a consistent quiet time with the Lord, and exercised practically my whole life – even as a college athlete.

– how we often used technology as a babysitter because of previously noted exhaustion.

– a needed paint job and far too large TV, ha

– although I loved the idea of reading being a part of our family culture, I literally felt like falling asleep anytime I picked up a book – for myself or my son. And this even though I had a Master’s degree in English literature.

But God. Goodness, what he has taught me through the years that truly has changed my heart, my health and consequently…is changing our home.

I won’t claim one solution that fixed it all, other than Jesus. There’s no magical formula and nothing that says if you exercise and eat well that everything looks and is perfect. We are still very messy and we all apologize to each other daily.

But I am a firm believer that God gives man a responsibility – we are to respond in discipline in order to honor him with our lives. It’s a response of worship.

And that’s what we have experienced in our home. It’s all interconnected and it would be foolish to miss seeing that.

Stewarding our hearts and health absolutely affects our homes. Let’s not neglect it, friend.

2 Replies to “A Different Transformation: Health, Heart & Home Stewardship”

  1. Totally love what your doing and completely relate to it all! I admire your fight (leaning into God’s grace) to go after God’s best for yourself and your family!

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