Practical Ideas for Life-Giving Rhythms

Like Jesus, we need to be resolved to have fellowship with our Father. It won’t simply happen. It doesn’t have to look one single way, but the determination to do it needs to be there. This can even look differently in various seasons, but if we value it, we will make it happen somehow because we understand our need for it, and we have a desire to imitate our Savior who chose to do this.

Although it doesn’t have to look a certain way, here are some ideas for consideration as you resolve to have fellowship with your Father God. These principles have been steady for me since my second child was born and I’m so grateful for them.

Plan to “rise early” and begin your day with God. Try for this! Plan for and attempt to be in fellowship with the Lord before you are required to do or be for anyone else. Some seasons this may look like 10 minutes before you’re needed, some seasons it may be 30-60 minutes. Some seasons it may mean reading while your family reads their own Bibles in the same room. And some seasons you may be reading and praying while nursing a baby. Just try to make it a priority of what comes first in your day, regardless of when your day begins.

Spend time in God’s Word. I highly recommend having a reading plan you are following. This eliminates decision fatigue and allows you immediately to pull up a seat at the table God has prepared for you where a feast awaits!

Spend time in prayer. Here’s an idea I shared a while back for how I organize a prayer journal, but there is no wrong way to talk to God – just do it. My favorite book on prayer is A Praying Life by Paul Miller.

In addition to beginning the day in God’s word and in prayer, I’m also a believer of life-giving rhythms that are unique to you. Consider adding into your time how to fuel yourself for the day ahead. Some ideas may include:

  • lighting a candle
  • opening shades and letting in the sunlight
  • eating a filling, healthy breakfast
  • exercising
  • enjoying a hot cup of tea or coffee
  • writing down a short to-do list for the day
  • listening to music

And these life-giving rhythms do not need to be restricted to only mornings. Consider additional moments of rest and renewal and remembrance throughout the day and week. Sally Clarkson calls these ANCHORS to our days and weeks. Some possibilities for this could include:

  • Reading hour / nap time for children (and yourself!)
  • Cut -off for screen time at night
  • Time with spouse to reconnect and debrief
  • Maybe if you’re used to waking up very early on weekdays, intentionally sleep a little later on the weekends and let go of the to-do list

These rhythms likely will change from season to season, and that’s perfectly normal. But having a plan is so helpful for pursuing our days with intention and purpose, seeking renewal and reminding ourselves of our limits and need for Jesus as we walk out our days.

What are your favorite morning routines and rhythms? Share in the comments below so others can benefits from the variety of ideas!

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