80 Days of Obedience, Not Obsession

If you haven’t first read this page about the general details of my challenge group, I encourage you to do that. Please note that this post is simply a description of the current program I am doing, and that in order to join my lifestyle group it is NOT required that you do this program. I consider each person an individual and always help each person identify what the best fit is for him or her. Sometimes that means joining whatever I am doing, but often times it means doing something more customized to what you need, and that can differ. 

SO, let’s jump in. What is this new program titled 80 Day Obsession??

Let me start by personally saying…I’m not a fan of the name of this program. Obsession is not a concept I really agree with and that idea will not be pushed in my challenge group. As a coach, I have the freedom to lead our group however best fits with my core values. So we will be focusing not on being obsessed, but on challenging ourselves and committing to being disciplined to a plan in order to exercise self-control and stewardship. I will encourage our group to see this program as 80 days of intense focus on fitness and nutrition, not obsession.

Although I don’t always agree with the propaganda our company creates around a product, I fully believe in the product itself, and I choose to utilize it with discernment and diligence. I’ve personally seen how these resources are the best, hands down. There is no comparison. And I am okay with using them to reach my goals and pursue the values I believe to be part of my purpose. I’d love to answer any questions you may have about this if it’s unclear as to what it will look like in the context of my personal challenge group.

Specifically, we’ll talk about how focusing on our nutrition and fitness is OBEDIENCE, not obsession. This will be guided by scripture and the book, Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst, which I strongly recommend.

So, think you might like to focus on 80 Days of Obedience? Here are the details.


What is 80 Day Obsession?

80 Day Obsession is a 13 week program with a step by step approach to building your body whether your goal is to lose weight, tone, gain muscle or strength, or shape a particular area. Check out this video for an explanation if you’re more visual. 


When does 80 Day Obsession launch?  

December 14, 2017. All packages are on promotional value/discounted $10 from December 14-January 14.


How long are the workouts?

45-60 minutes a day, 6 days a week, with a rest day on Sunday. The length of these workouts IS a change if you’re used to doing 30 minute workouts a day. But the workouts go fast and are not monotonous. Autumn, the trainer, keeps you moving. Part of the intense focus of this program is rearranging your schedule to figure out how to fit it in.


What equipment is needed for the program?

Resistance Loops: The loops go around your ankles, thighs, bottom of feet, etc. and are used to build muscle. Two different sets come in each package option – a 9 and a 12 inch. Based on height and weight, you use either the larger or smaller of the bands. You’ll know pretty quickly which one fits you best.

Sliders: The Sliders work no matter the surface.

Weights: You’ll also want to get yourself three sets of weights: a light, medium and heavy set.

Mat: some set of cushion because we’re on the ground a lot


Are DVDs available for 80 Day Obsession?

No DVDs. It is only accessible through Beachbody on Demand. All workouts will be streamed.  


Is this a program for beginners?

It’s recommended that you already have a base level of fitness going into this program. Preferably, you need to have completed a program similar to the following before starting 80 Day Obsession: 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Shift Shop, etc. Talk to your coach about whether or not you’re ready for 80 Day Obsession. If you decide to join your coach in time to complete a 3 week program before January 15, then you could be ready for the start of 80 Day Obsession in January.


What is timed nutrition?

Following the portion fix with the container system. Allotted number of containers per day based on your weight and based on whether you’re wanting to lose weight or maintain weight.

Fuel your bodies before and after the workout. You cannot do this workout on an empty stomach. It does require some planning, but we will focus on how to prepare and create a plan during our prep weeks leading up to the launch. We will teach you how to meal plan, how to rearrange your schedule, etc. It’s not hard…it just requires planning it out ahead of time.


Is there a vegan meal plan option?



Are any cheat meals allowed?

That’s up to you and your goals. If you’re wanting to truly see what results you can get from maintaining intense focus for 80 days, then no, no cheats are allowed. But if you’re simply looking for a fitness challenge while balancing your eating with cheat meals, then you have the freedom to choose that, obviously.  


Why start now? Why purchase on December 14?

To prepare for January 15. It would be good to do some prep work for the start of the program to create a base level of fitness for yourself. An example of some prep work accessible via BOD would be having completed three weeks of either 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, or Shift Shop. If you purchase on December 14, you can get started preparing your body right away based on a calendar our challenge group provides. However, you can start as late as the day after Christmas if needed.


How long after I place my order will it take for me to receive my package?

Usually 7-10 days.


What do we do next?

Let your coach know if you want to discuss the program options (this vary depending on whether or not you’re an existing coach/customer or a new challenger. If at all possible, plan to purchase the pack that is best for you (after chatting with your coach) on December 14. This will allow you to begin the prep group, start using the container system, and prepare for January 15.


Click on the link below for the packs that become available December 14. I’d love to chat with you about which pack would be the best fit for you based on your goals. Remember – each of these prices will be discounted $10 from December 14-January 14.

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